What NOT to do with a bonfire…. idiots.

This idiot was with his friends and decided it was a good idea to set up a bonfire and add accelerants to it…. BIG F%#*#ing Mistake!

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Giant Squid Latches Itself Onto Dude’s Paddleboard

At first glance, it seems as thought the squid is attacking the paddle board.

However, upon closer examination, the real story is much sadder.  The squid seems to have been injured as one of it’s tentacles has been ripped off.  

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Mikey comes by often before we close at 11pm.  Tonight, he asked me to do a testimonial for his funny post blog.  Yeah, you should read it.  It’s good.    ….was that good?  Okay, where’s my twenty?

Sum Gai

Liqour Store Owner, El Dorado Liqour

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